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Join our Euro-Diagnostic Technician's Support Group for the latest Diagnostic Library Information and Tech BBS on the net. This Technician Support Group Site is now functional. Please contact our Technical Support Hotline: 888-890-9098 to get signed on. This great new service will allow you to post your questions and read the response from our experts and fellow Technician Group.

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Euro-Diagnostics is also setting up an on-line Internet Training Database for European vehicles, and we will be including automobile FIX database with additional download repair information for our SUBSCRIPTION MEMBERS ONLY portion of this site.

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BMW Can & Energy Managment Systems

  • I/K Bus Troubleshooting
  • Car Access System (CAS)
  • Convenient Start and CAS
  • Electronic Steering Lock Function
  • CAS Centralization of Central Locking
  • CAS Centralization for Comfort Access
  • CAS and MOST Bus Diagnostic Overview
  • Byteflight / Bus Systems Comparisons
  • Sub-bus Systems
  • Micro-Power Module (MPM)
  • Micro-Power Module (MPM) Service Information
  • Power Distribution E6x as of 9/2005
  • Energy Management Systems Overview
  • Intelligent Battery System
  • Junction Box Junction Box Electronics
  • Closed Circuit Current up to 2005
  • Closed Circuit Current from 2005
  • F01 F02 LAN Diagnostic Protocol
  • BMW Factory ISTA Software Diagnostics
  • GT1 Factory Diagnostics

Mercedes Hands-On Diagnostics II

  • Charging Systems (Battery Systems for 211, 230 Dual Battery Systems)
  • AB (Airbag) Systems with WSS (from 2001 thru 2009 models)
  • Airmatic Evolution of System through GL models
  • New breed AMG systems
  • SBC and the evolution to ABR systems
  • ABC systems in general (including the “rodeo” via SDS)
  • Using EWA/WisAsraNet Diagnostic Information
  • Using EPCNet for Datacard information on models
  • Using Datacard for options and effects, AGW, Highline E Call, etc.
  • Evolution of Steering Systems through 2009
  • Use of WebETM (1 hour of nothing but that)
  • 722.9 Transmission Evolution, Diagnostics & Driveline Section
  • More SCN Coding and how it works
  • CAN & Network Diagnosis
  • SDS Hands-On LIVE Diagnostics

Volkswagen-Audi TDI & Common Rail Diesel Diagnostics

  • Data Block Diagnostics (Engine and Transmission)
  • Powertrain Systems
  • Mechanical Construction of Pumper Düse System
  • Glow Plug Diagnostics (Ceramic & Metal Styles)
  • DFI Electronics and Diagnostics
  • DFI Replacement Procedures
  • VAS 5052 GFF Data Diagnostics
  • GeKo / FASAT On-Line Systems
  • Fuel Injection Pump Disassembly and Dynamic Timing
  • TDI / PD Engine Code Diesel Pump Diagnostics
  • Diesel Pump Timing Control, Quantity Adjustment, & Modulation Diagnostics
  • Start of Injection Adjustment
  • Engine Code ALH / BEW Data Block Diagnostics
  • Mechanical Timing Belt Replacements on Pumper Düse Engine Code
  • Model 3.3 V8 TDI Common Rail Engines (Design, Features and Function)
  • Components and overview of Common Rail Diesel
  • Low Pressure Fuel Feed System
  • High pressure Fuel Feed System

Volvo Hands-On Diagnostics & VIDA

  • Introduction to the Trainer and his Expertise
  • Volvo Nonemclatures and Terms
  • Development of Volvo Diagnostics
  • Tools, Scanners, and Diagnostic Equipment for Code Reading
  • OBD I (1989-1995) / OBD II (1995-1998) VST / VST Continued
  • OBD II VADIS and VIDA / Aftermarket
  • Communcation Tools (VADIS VCT 2000 / DICE)
  • VST Capabilities
  • Computer requirements (Hardware-Software) for VADIS and VIDA
  • Subscription Based Access for VIDA (Types and E Updates)
  • DICE and it’s uses
  • Codes, Service and Information Design and Use
  • Diagnostics, EPC Use and Vehicle Communications
  • Hands-On Diagnostics by Knowledge of System
  • Round Table Discussion
  • Volvo VIDA Hands-On Diagnostics
  • Volvo Diagnostic Shortcut Diagnostics

VW-Audi Advanced Data Block Seminar 2011

  • Misfire Recognition Diagnostics
  • Throttle Valve Control Module
  • Charge Pressure Control (Turbocharger)
  • EVAP Control Diagnostic Data Blocks
  • O2 Sensor Diagnostic Data Blocks
  • Engine Speed Synchronous Path
  • CAN Bus Diagnostic Data Blocks
  • Engine ECM Coding and Adaptaions
  • TCM Coding and Adpatations
  • ABS/ESP/ASR Coding and Adpatations
  • Comfort and Convenience Coding, Programming and Adaptations
  • Climatronics / Climate Control Coding, Programming and Adaptations
  • Basic Settings of above controllers: Diagnostics and step-by-step adaptations
  • VAG/VASS/Laptop for Diagnostics and Data Block use
  • Readiness and it's diagnostic uses (shortcut diagnostics)
  • Understanding the topology of a system
  • Diagnostic software use (Aesis-Vesis-ETKA)
  • EPC/ESP/ASR Diagnostics
  • ME 7.0 Overview (Emergency Running Mode - Fault light for power accelerator activation K132)
  • MAP Controlled Engine Cooling
  • Interactive training techniques

BMW Body Electronics 2011

  • E6x Body Electronics Overview
  • E6x iDrive Driving Area Systems
  • E90 Entertainment & Communications
  • On Board Diagnostics
  • Maintenance Feature of iDrive
  • E65 (Intelligent Safety Integration System)
  • MRS Evolution (MRS I, II, III, IV, V)
  • IHKA (Climate Control System)
  • Navigation Systems (Mk1 thru Mk5)
  • E6x Diagnose MOST Bus Overview
  • E6x Remote Control Services
  • GT1 / SSS Comparison Diagnostics
  • GT1 / SSS Comparison CIP
  • ISTA Diagnostics Reporting Procedures
  • ISTA Controller Allowable CIP Count
  • Complete Diagnostic and CIP Speed with ICOM
  • Introduction to the ICOM
  • Integrated Communication Optical Module
  • F01 ISTA Network System
All training seminars are instructed by real technicians with over 25 years of field experience. Training manuals are also included with these valuable seminars. A maximum of 30 seats are available. Register early and receive a $30.00 discount.
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